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We know from section 2.6 that u)}, NF/(umax{F/uD ssPP 2 Combining this with a) and b) gives the desired result06.14*75.054.1059025.0 DevRTT ms42.14 networks5If there is a long delay between the transmission of x and the transmission of x+1, then it will be a long time until x can be recovered, under a NAK only protocolWe now provide that hereRossWhen in the Wait for Request 0 from above state, A ignores anything it receives from BProblem 40 a) TCP slowstart is operating in the intervals [1,6] and [23,26] b) TCP congestion avoidance is operating in the intervals [6,16] and [17,22] c) After the 16th transmission round, packet loss is recognized by a triple duplicate ACK

exploiting the buffer overflow vulnerability that might exist in an application)Problem 16 YesIn this example there are 4 Received: header linesIf B receives a R1 message, then it knows its D1 message has been received correctly and thus transits to the Send D1 stateThen from Equation 1 we have DCS NF/us After finding the vulnerability, the attacker needs to scan for hosts that are vulnerableSince the available bandwidth of the shared link is 2Mbps, there will be no queuing delay before the linkTherefore, Alice will eventually be optimistically unchoked by one of her neighbors, during which time she will receive chunks from that neighbor

14Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 6th Edition Solutions to Review Questions and Problems Version Date: May 2012 This document contains the solutions to review questions and problems for the 5th edition of Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach by Jim Kurose and Keith RossB sends 8 ACKsProblem 29 a) The server uses special initial sequence number (that is obtained from the hash of source and destination IPs and ports) in order to defend itself against SYN FLOOD attackIt then gives the segment and the destination host address to the network layerFDM requires sophisticated analog hardware to shift signal into appropriate frequency bandsProblem 6 Suppose the sender is in state Wait for call 1 from above and the receiver (the receiver shown in the homework problem) is in state Wait for 1 from belowHere the requestor is waiting for a call from above to request a unit of data c3545f6b32
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