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Cracks that appear at the top of wall corners are usually due to a thick application of mudGalow can be reached by email: ericgalowgmail.com or by telephone: 914-474-6613Home Inspection Education Home Study Courses - ASHIHome Training 10-course program.Special Offer: Carson Dunlop Associates offers InspectAPedia readers in the U.S.AFind Pros Discover qualified pros in your area ready to help tackle your next home improvement projectGreen links show where you areMoisture or relative humidity variation contribution to gypsum board cracks & damage Moisture or humidity variation: significant changes in the building moisture level or thus in the moisture content of plasterboard or gypsum board can cause expansion or shrinkage sufficient to produce a 1/16" wide or larger crack even if other forces are not in playDo not apply it to the area around the crackOne reason seams crack is because the wrong type of drywall mud was used on the first layer that serves to adhere the tape to the drywallSee the SBCA's detailed recommendations at "Gypsum Joint Ridging and Cracking" [1] Article Series CHINESE DRYWALL HAZARDS DRYWALL CONTROL JOINTS DRYWALL CRACKS DRYWALL FINISH LEVELS DRYWALL INSTALLATION Best Practices DRYWALL MOLD RESISTANT DRYWALL NAIL POPS DRYWALL, PLASTER, BEAVERBOARD PLASTER TYPE IDENTIFICATION

Good drywall techniques will limit the occurrence of cracks and nail popsSee DRYWALL CONTROL JOINTS [Click to enlarge and show detail for any image] Drywall tape type used for corners: do not use mesh type drywall tape in building corners nor at ceiling/wall jointsWhen hanging drywall on a ceiling supported by the lower chord of roof trusses, review the suggestions at TRUSS UPLIFT, ROOF, including using clips rather than screws or nails to secure drywall within a few feet of either side of building center partitions that run at right angles to the lower chord of the roof trussesIt does not hold it from separating from other sheets or corner beadA type ceiling meets flat ceiling joint is 14 feet longSearchNew in the sixth edition are chapters on sustainable construction methods and products, building movement, fire resistance, heat transfer, sound transmission, and vapor/moisture controlDo not hang gypsum board on wet or pressure treated framed ceilings or walls without special design provisions such as the use of resilient channel supports

The U.SRemove as much loose material as you canwww.dwfc.org GA4.Moisture There are many places where moisture can crop up on drywallAnother important matter for ceiling drywall installation is staggering the butt joints and adjacent drywall sheets across the ceiling expanseFraming flexing - drywall cracks: in interior ceilings or cathedral-ceilings not framed to modern construction standards for stiffness we may see cracks, often at drywall joints, caused by flexing in the ceiling structureKnight, Iona CDetailsand more illustrations of the roof truss uplift problem & more steps to prevent drywall cracking & nail pops are found at TRUSS UPLIFT, ROOF The drawings of roof truss uplift and corrective measures for truss uplift shown here are provided courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates and appears in their Illustrated HomeInspectAPedia.com editor Daniel Friedman is a contributing author.Or choose the The Home Reference eBook for PCs, Macs, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, or Android Smart Phones

With dry lumber and proper detailing, however, drywall problems can be kept to a minimum." Use drywall screws instead of drywall nailsThis causes surface cracks and these can be fixed by filling the cracks with a thin coat of joint compoundThe text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectivelyGypsum Association, 6525 Belcrest Road - Suite 480The fluctuation between these two environments can cause stress on ceiling materials, which could crack the ceilingOther drywall mud products are intended only for second or third coatsIF there is an edge strip (probing with a nail would tell that) and the nails are rusting, it could come loose.6) one other possibility, who a drywall contractor might be able to assess, or it might take a carpenter unless you can get up there yourself - if your flat roof section is suspended from flat joists but the sloping A-type or cathedral ceiling is supported from sloping joists or rafters that are independent, then joist lift could be causing it - lifting the sloping drywall off the flat pieceIf you have a significant storm with high winds and excessive precipitation and you suddenly notice evidence of moisture in the ceiling, its likely that your home suffered roof damage 5593a673d3
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